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New for 2021 - Aerial Photography

Drones are a useful tool for a number of jobs and can save money when compared to traditional methods. Compare the cost of a drone operator for a couple of hours against the cost of erecting and removing scaffolding for a roof inspection. Selling a property - a photograph from the air can show both the property and the surrounding area. Would an aerial photograph or video enhance your web site?
When employing a drone operator ensure that they have insurance and qualifications appropriate for the job. Colin Edwards has a Flyer ID and Operator ID through the CAA and an A2 Certificate of Competence. CAA identifiers can be checked on their site here and details of qualifications are shown below. The operator id should be clearly displayed on the drone.
Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge The logs from all flights are loaded to the Airdata website for analysis. The details of the latest flights - up to 100 - are shown on this badge. Further details can be seen by clicking on it.

Dronedesk is used to prepare documentation prior to jobs including site details, weather forecasts, notices to airmen, permissions and risk assessment. There are logs to be completed during the job and, on completion, the flight logs are imported from Airdata and a report is created. If you fly drones and would like to sign up for Dronedesk you can do so through the following link which includes a small discount. Dronedesk Plans and Pricing

Colin James Edwards' Qualifications

  Flyer ID:
Operator ID:
A2 CofC:
Expires: 10 February 2023
Expires: 10 February 2022
Expires: 13 December 2025
Expires: 1 February 2026

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